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"I am so happy with everything."
I have been so happy with the overall care I have already started to recommend the center. Being a single mother of two I was really scared of the surgery, but I am so happy with everything. Thank you so much!!!! Excellent service I am 100% happy.
Sincerely, C.C.
"But better late than never."
My Height Lengthening with Dr. Mahboubian
Getting surgery with Dr. Mahboubian was the best decision I’ve made for myself. I am no longer hung up about a physical trait that I had no control over, and it’s helped my self-esteem beyond what words can describe. I feel like I was able to do take charge over something that previously seemed impossible to me. I am no longer hung up about myself and have been able to move on with my life without feeling burdened or resentful over something that used to literally bother me every hour of every day. I would do it again, and my only wish was that I could have done this ten years earlier. But better late than never. Dr. Mahboubian has been great and I’m thankful he is available to patients all over the world with similar goals as myself.
"Here is my story."
Here is my story.
First and for most, I did the ilizarov Procedure to fix my bow legs and external rotation of both ankles with Dr. Mahboubian. I started developing bow legs around the age of 16 years old when i was starting to grow taller. By the time i was 20, my legs were longer and more bowed. I didnt have any pain, but my alignment of my body felt really awkward. When i walked, i would walk with one foot in front of the other instead of side by side since they were so bowed. Even bending down was difficult since my ankles were facing outwards. Since my bowed legs is from genetics, my mom and grandma have it also. Recently when i went to japan my grandma was developing arthritis from the bowed legs and they were becoming even more bowed. Thats when i realized that i am very lucky to have been able to go through such a procedure to fix my legs and prevent any future pain and discomfort.

I'm not going to lie, the procedure was long and uncomfortable, but was well worth it for me. Also as a bonus i have grown 1 inch taller from the correction, so I'm now 5'10! I feel way more comfortable now since everything is in alignment. The procedure hasn’t limited me from doing anything, and i can put as much pressure back on to my legs as I did before the surgery. I’ve been playing basketball everyday and been practicing yoga. I want to thank Dr. Mahboubian for making the procedure happen. I had gone to many doctors and all of them turned me down cause they didn't know what to do.
- RY
"Thank you for your kindness and sincerity..."
Dr. K,
I just wanted to thank you for your time during my recent consultation. I appreciated your openness and your willingness to answer all of my questions. I also thank you for your opinions and suggestions. I look forward to having the procedure done. Again, thank you for your kindness and sincerity.
Repectfully, M.R.
"My legs are perfect!"
Hello, my name is James and I wanted to share with you the good news concerning my bow-leg corrective surgery. About a year ago, I had a consultation with Dr. Mahboubian concerning the bilateral knee pain I was experiencing. My job is as a healthcare employee and I am either standing, walking or running for hours at a time. The pain could be intolerable on some days. Also after educating myself on the Dr.’s website, I wanted to address both the appearance of my legs and of my gate. I was born with a severe case of Genu Verum (bow legs) during the late sixties. At that time, the only things that could be done was to wear bars, braces and special shoes which did little to correct the condition. As I grew older and became a teenager, the appearance of my legs began to affect my self- confidence. Further on in life, my condition became painful which drove me go seek out medical advice. This is the good news! Thanks to Dr. Mahboubian, both of my problems were solved! After our consultation, Dr. Mahboubian educated me that my birth defect was correctible and has a good success rate. My mind was made up before I left his office.

Concerning the procedure and recovery, like all good things you have to weigh the good with the bad. Thanks to Dr. Mahboubian, the good was great and the bad minimized. The hospital where the surgery was done was absolutely magnificent. The hospital staff was professional and courteous before, during and after the surgery. After only a couple of days, I was discharged home with Dr. instructions for my recovery. Now, this was what I meant by minimized bad. After the procedure, you will have limited mobility and some pain. This was greatly minimized by Dr. Mahboubian’s skill as a surgeon and his interest with your recovery. Most surgeon’s tend to neglect their patients after the surgery and discharge. Dr. Mahboubian is not the typical surgeon! To my delight, he continued to answer my questions and concerns days, weeks and months after my procedure. My concerns were always addressed professionally and patiently. Many times I asked the Dr. the same questions over and over! Now, this is what I mean by good being great. After about four to five months of recovery, my initial goals about addressing my knee pain and improving the appearance of my gate were more than satisfied. My legs are perfect! More importantly, I no longer experience any pain in my knees.

In conclusion, I have been asked many times by friends and family since I chose to have this procedure done “If you could go back, would you still do the procedure?.”. My immediate response is an absolute Yes! I now have confidence in my health and my appearance. All I have to remember is how I felt prior to the surgery and then I thank my lucky star that I found Dr. Mahboubian.

Sincerely, a very satisfied client, James
"You do wonderful work..."
Dr. Mahboubian,
I just had to send you a lil' note of special "thanks." Everyday I look at my legs and see the progress "I love it!!" And my legs are totally shaping up. You do wonderful work and will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you once again.
- L.M.
"Thanks for a great experience."
My experience was awesome, the front office staff are amazing they always answered my questions with no problem, very courteous and polite. My surgeon was very helpful with answering questions and the whole procedure. Thanks for a great experience. Looking forward to my new straight legs!
Truly, P.A.
"Don't Give Up!"
My name is Jennifer. I have been a patient of Dr.K's for about 2 years now. My accident 9 years ago injured my foot and ankle so bad that I've had 14 surgeries over the years, 5 of them with Dr.K. I had looked for a few years and have seen many different podiatrists. Dr.K was the only one who took my very complicated case. He was very informative gave me different options. Before every procedure we planned each step we would take through the process of fixing my foot. Dr.K made sure I was comfortable before, during and after each of the 5 surgeries we've done together. My injury left me with a clubbed foot that was 3/4 of an inch shorter on my left side and my leg is fused. Dr.K was able to lengthen my limb and reconstruct my foot with an external fixator. Dr.K also has pinned all 5 of my toes, done 2 bone graphs and inserted a retrograde nail as well. All of which were very painful. During my healing process Dr.K. followed my progress intently and even made a house call. Dr.K made sure I was always in contact with him no matter where he was in the world. Not a single doctor has EVER shown me as much direct communication, respect and compassion as Dr. K has. Dr.K has truly helped me be able to feel better about my injuries and gave me some hope that I could have a some-what normal life. He has fixed more than just my foot. I recommend seeing Dr.K. for any foot problem you may have. He is only one of two doctors that I've heard that even do this type of procedure. DON'T GIVE UP!!!

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