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Cosmetic Foot Surgery Los Angeles

Cosmetic Foot Deformity

Feet serve a vital purpose in daily human activity. Those suffering from deformities and other physical problems of the foot can tell you how hard it is to carry out everyday tasks without both feet being medically capable of doing so. It's also important not to overlook the aesthetics of well-formed and healthy feet.

Whether a patient is suffering from a malformed foot or a cyst formation, they may not have much difficulty accomplishing daily tasks, but they may feel uncomfortable about the appearance and feeling of their feet.

Cosmetic foot surgery is used to treat these medical conditions and help patients find relief in their discomfort. Like other forms of surgery, cosmetic foot surgery alters or adjusts the bones and skin within the area of the operation. Most cosmetic foot surgery cases only require quick and easy operations, but more extensive surgeries may deal with problems that have spread as far as the shin bone.

One cosmetic foot surgery procedure is used to treat bunions, in which the joint in the big toe is problematic. Bunions are often considered the most painful and can hinder normal walking. While it can be inherited, bunions are also caused by injuries and arthritis. The surgical procedure for treating this problem is done with light sedation through a minimally invasive technique.

Patient recovery is rather painless, and requires the use of crutches for ambulation. The success rate on bunion correction procedures is high with great satisfaction in function and appearance.

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